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Thank you for attending my talk! Let me know how I can reach you, and I’ll send you the bonus Work Smarter Checklist, plus slides from the talk.

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About “Boost Your Mental Health Practice with Technology”

As a recap, we covered:

  • Expanding your practice online: Telepsychiatry
  • Getting people to know you online: Online patient portals
  • Using consumer technologies to help patients: Mobile apps
  • Choosing the right technologies: Evaluating technologies
  • Dealing with the elephant in the room: EHR
  • Shortcuts to let you go home faster: Hardware and Software shortcuts

About “Work Smarter and Leave the Office on Time”

We don’t have to tell you how easy it is to fall behind schedule in a day overbooked with patients. Add in department meetings and project deadlines and you can forget about getting home on time. Many clinicians find themselves teetering on the edge of burnout because they can’t get a handle on their work-life balance. Presenter Dr. Steven Chan juggles multiple roles and responsibilities, but he’s figured out a way to keep everything organized and run efficiently, without impacting the quality of his patient encounters. In this session Dr. Chan will provide actionable tips and tricks you can incorporate immediately into your work day, so you can go home on time and enjoy your weekends with friends and family without sacrificing the quality of care you give your patients.

Get the Checklist + slides >

Power Hacks Toolkit for Clinicians, Nurses & Physicians