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At one of Dr. Yellowlees’s Health Informatics seminars, Dr. Nesbitt led us on a tour of UC Davis Health System’s newest buildings, the Center for Health & Technology at UC Davis. This multi-story building includes some amazing new methods of improving education, including virtual endoscopy, mannequins that breathe, and even tele-medical consultation rooms with multiple screens. Their media production room also has a large studio with cameras, production software, mixers, lighting, and backdrops. They plan on holding training sessions to teach physicians and other clinicians how to give effective talks on-screen.

Here’s their telehealth consultation room: each room has about 3 or so monitors to let physicians talk to patients while reviewing their records. This helps enable consultations with primary care providers and let patients in rural areas or limited transportation options still see their doctor.


And here’s the virtual endoscope…


…along with a virtual NICU with all the right tools…


…and a virtual operating room.


Very exciting!