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iMedicalApps, a leading blog for mobile applications for physicians, pharmacists, and other healthcare providers, has graciously taken me on as a guest writer for their site. I’m grateful to Satish Misra, a partner, editor, and an internal medicine resident doc at Johns Hopkins, for the opportunity!

You can read some of my articles already up on their site:


This week, I’m covering the Health 2.0 Health:Refactored developer conference, which focuses on the development and design of health applications, including medical records, mobile apps, and more. It’s a much smaller conference than Health 2.0, but so far the energy has been very high!

I’ll post the articles onto iMedicalApps with Satish’s help, and tweet from both my @StevenChanMD account and the @iMedicalApps Twitter account. See you there!