Posted on Apr 3, 2013 in Weblog | 0 comments

Last Wednesday, we hosted the Health 2.0 Sacramento’s inaugural kick-off to a crowd.

I couldn’t believe the energy in the room.

A few of my new friends in Sacramento and I put together a new group, Health 2.0 Sacramento, to bring together people interested in mobile devices, Internet technologies, and healthcare. With some generous financial support from Health 2.0’s Jennifer Lee, two amazingly talented speakers, one Costco run later with my sweetie, and the Hacker Lab co-working space, we put together the inaugural kick-off event in a few short weeks.


I’ve met some incredibly motivated people here in Sacramento as a result. A lot of people work in this area already, from medical students to seasoned engineers and professionals. Like Keisuke here, who took time out from Step 1 board exams studying to speak to people about his non-profit group.


I’m hopeful that this is the start of something cool, and that — along with the constant flow of Hacker Lab’s activity — interest in Health 2.0 Sacramento will bring a slice of Silicon Valley’s entrepreneurial spirit into the Sacramento area.