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And it’s accessible by bus (see below for the bus pass deal)!

It was a little over a month ago that my friends and I held our Grand Opening with the Chancellor of UC Irvine, along with many special guests. The UC Irvine Outreach Clinics serves the growing uninsured population in Orange County, those who can’t afford basic primary care services. Our clinic has been featured in the Los Angeles Times, Southern California Public Radio KPCC, and on the front page of UC Irvine’s main website.

From Paloma Esquivel’s Los Angeles Times article:


“The free clinic does business Saturdays from an existing low-cost clinic at the Village of Hope, a five-acre campus of low-cost medical facilities and dormitories for those who need shelter. The entire campus, though long in the planning, is relatively new and sits on a far edge of the former Tustin Marine base.

“This is where the UCI clinic hopes to make a difference. By giving patients comprehensive healthcare — which includes taking detailed medical histories, scheduling follow-up visits, providing necessary exams and free or reduced-cost medications — the students think that they can make a dent in the number of people who resort to emergency care for preventable or treatable conditions.”

For the grand opening, I created the designs for banners, signs, and programs. I haven’t yet updated my portfolio to include these items, but here are a few shots of our vertical banner in action, along with Farah and Anna (my classmates who worked on a summer project in Chiapas, Mexico):


I’ve left my post as publicity and web coordinator (as my classmates and I no longer have time for extracurriculars in our third year), but I’m still volunteering in a backup capacity and as a clinic volunteer. I’ve already been to two amazing clinic sessions, and being in the clinic amongst your peers feels so much more empowering than shadowing in an unfamiliar hospital. It gives me something to look forward to at the end of this lengthy 9-year journey.

The most awesome part is that Shannon (the clinic’s former fundraising coordinator) secured hundreds of free OCTA 1-day bus passes to help patients get to our clinic! So if you need a check-up, you now have no excuse to not show up at our clinic: go to and schedule an appointment today!