Posted on Sep 19, 2008 in Weblog | 1 comment

We started microbiology labs this week and it’s actually fun to see stuff grow. My friends — Ash, Jonny, Cliff, Jen, and Charitha — and I cracked open a bunch of agars and swabbed various things onto them and incubated them for 48 hours at 37ºC. This particular media has such a weird name: "Brain Heart Infusion agar (BHI) is a complete media used to cultivate a variety of fastidious organisms including bacteria and fungi."

Enough science talk. Let’s look at what grew!

That’s gross. But even more gross is the amount of bacteria on a typical pair of glasses / spectacles:

*shudder* The one I found even more disgusting is the bottom of a shoe. This is why I’m glad I grew up in a house where we didn’t walk around with our shoes. :)

The next question is: are any of these organisms pathogenic? There’s plenty of fungi and/or bacteria growing on my keyboard, but I’m not dead yet. Even worse — I wonder how a cell phone or a strap on a bus or light-rail vehicle would culture. I bet those aren’t cleaned at all!