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A group of students, along with myself as Publicity Chair, founded the UC Irvine Outreach Clinics in 2008 to bring free healthcare to underserved, uninsured patients in Orange County. This was a massive undertaking, and our services included blood lab analyses, primary care check-ups, a stocked pharmacy with free medications, and referral services. The clinic later expanded to include opthalmology and psychiatry services. We were the first such student group to offer this at the University of California, Irvine, with support from the university and the School of Medicine and School of Nursing.

I created the brand identity in Adobe Illustrator, using paintbrushes to emphasize the art and compassion of medicine, and softening the stick-person into more fluid shapes. I wanted them to appear victorious, holding up a heart — since it reminded me of the passion and energy that drives my friends (especially in the PRIME-LC program for the Latino Community) to work with underserved, underprivileged patients.


The brand identity has been used everywhere since, including the Grand Opening Ceremony, printed large-scale banners, brochures, business cards, and the website. We even printed out a patterned tie with the logo as a gift for one of our primary care attending physicians!

Maheen Hassan, MD, who is photographed here in her days as a medical student, is now a pediatrician-in-training at Children’s Hospital Oakland. Nick Sawyer, MD MBA, now an emergency medicine resident at Carolinas Medical, crafted and delivered the report for Donor Outreach and worked w\ me on the cover.


I also created a brand identity usage guide. The name used to be the “Student-Run Free Clinic,” but we were instructed by the higher-ups in the risk management & donors department to not use such a name, as it devalued our brand and put us at risk for being sued in case we had to refer to expensive services/labs.