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As part of the KEEP program, I worked on innovation technology research — sourcing and gathering the most accurate information on innovative health care platforms and technology existing in the health tech marketplace — and performing technology analyses with internal iFund and Innovation & Advanced Technology groups, to find new health technology to integrate within Kaiser inpatient and outpatient facilities nationwide.

I also spoke on a panel on digital health at Berkeley SkyDeck with Yan Chow MD MBA, Angela Walker MD, Alia Rashid MD, Daniel Weng, and Emma Marriott. Blurry cam-shot:Berkeley SkyDeck panel

A big thank you to Francis Kong and Laura Kusumoto for this opportunity, plus Deanna Konrath, Faye Sahai, Gloria Zaionz, Guy Gardner, Nazanin Oveisi, Roger Lam, Sean Chai, Suzanne Furaya, and Yan Chow for their support.