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I write and serve as Associate Editor for iMedicalApps, a leading online publication for medical professionals, patients, and analysts interested in mobile medical technology & healthcare applications. The publication has grown enormously and is recognized as experts in mobile health by the New York Times, Wired Magazine, Slate Magazine, the American Medical Association’s news outlet, and many other reputable media outlets. We have been cited in various medical journals, such as the Annals of Emergency Medicine, the Journal of Surgical Oncology, the Journal of Surgical Radiology, and others.

We have more than 100,000 unique readers per month (as of 2015).

Satish Misra, MD, a cardiology fellow at Johns Hopkins University, graciously allowed me to join his team as a writer back in 2013. I’m fortunate to be working amongst a very enthusiastic, brilliant team.

As of 2015, I have written 50+ articles, with more along the way. The latest articles are listed under my name on iMedicalApps.

Here are some older ones from 2014:

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  18. Interview: WLSA CEO Rob McCray shares insights into future of mobile health and his tips for aspiring innovators
  19. Interview: Blue Button apps aim to empower patients with their health info, interview with Humetrix EVP Chris Burrow
  20. Conference: Current challenges in mHealth behavioral intervention research
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  22. Interview: How do you design video games for health? Insights from RWJ Foundation award winning Litesprite
  23. Interview & Project In-depth: SPARX aims to use gamification to help kids manage diabetes, asthma, and other chronic conditions
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  36. How To: Prototype your app rapidly with a pen, some paper, and Preview
  37. New DSM-5 psychiatric criteria app to be released June 1st
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  39. Review: Mood Watch is a cumbersome app that tracks limited psychiatric symptoms